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Item Details
Make: Bally  
Model: Reliance Dice Machine  
Year: 1935  
Serial #: 001239  
Coin: 5 cent  

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 1935 Bally Reliance 5c Dice Machine, restored. There are less then 100 (5-10-25) Bally Reliance Dice machines known to exist today. This machine is the 5 cent american version and less then (30) machines are known to exist today, making this machine more rare then the Buckley Bones Dice machine. The Bally Reliance Dice machines were actually made for Bally by the same company that made the Buckley Bones Dice. The machine has been fully restored. The mechanism was restored by one of the finest restorers in the industry who specializes in the complete restoration of Bally Reliance Dice and Buckley Bones Dice machines. Other then the paint, this machine has the original tokens, cash drawer, door, lock and key along with all the original cadmium finish on the internal parts. It plays and functions like a new machine and pays all the correct amounts. Just the fact that it has the original tokens is amazing in its self as all but a few machines have reproduction tokens.

This Bally Reliance Dice actually plays the game of craps. After depositing 5 cent the player pulls the handle. The dice appear to shake and are tossed out in the left window if the roll is a 7 or 11 the player is a winner and if 2, 3 or 12 come up the player is a looser. Any other number that is rolled is called the point. The player then pulls the handle again and this time the dice comes out the right window. The player continues pulling the handle until the point is made or a 7 is rolled and the playes craps out. If 4 consecutive 7's or 11's are rolled the player wins the jackpot and a golden award token comes out and is redeemed for a $25 jackpot.

The Bally Reliance Crap machines were only made for few years 1935 to 1937 and to have one with it original tokens is extremely rare. If you are a serious collector you would be hard pressed to find a machine this pristine. It is truly a top quality peace.

If you would like additional pictures or information on this machine or any of my other items - don' t hesitate to call me at 703-906-8389. I can email pictures and additional info to you right away.

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