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Item Details
Make: Mills  
Model: Futurity  
Year: 1936  
Serial #: 390359  
Coin: 5 cent  

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  Mills 1936 Futurity 5 cent.  With side vendor. Restored, casting were painted original colors orange, blue. New reel strips, original cash box with cashbox door Mills lock and key, original back door with original Mills lock and key.  Nice original oak cabinet in excellent condition, plays and pays as it should. 3-5 pay out.

This slot features Mills most sophisticated gadget ever incorporated on a slot machine. To keep the player enthused, Mills created a counter that for every consecutive losing play, the pointer advances one number until it reaches ten, at which point it drop 10 coins to return all of the players money.

The Mills Futurity has become a collectors favorite with it's unique money back guarantee and it's clever cheat system.

The idea of the Futurity was to allow the player to play the machine and if they had no wins within 10 plays they were given all their 10 coins back - The marketing of this machine when it was first released was a dream for the Mills sales team. No other slot machine could offer such a guarantee, all your money back!

It's interesting to note that shortly after the release of this genius of a machine the Pace company followed a similar path with their money back feature with the Kitty.

When a coin is deposited and played the dial on top of the machine moves to denote the number of plays. If you continue to play without a win the dial will eventually reach the 10 as which point you are paid back all your stake of 10 coins and the dial is reset.

What players didn't realize the mechanism contained one of the most unique and innovative designs... it cheated! Even before the days of electronics the engineers at Mills worked out a way to almost guarantee you never reached 10 consecutive plays without a win. The mechanism could alter the reels to give cherry wins before the dial got to 10. The Mills Futurity was rumored to have been banned in many States including Vegas because of the cheat feature.

For anyone who enjoys mechanical devices would enthuse about how Mills achieved such a clever system. The Futurity was also available with a Gold Token feature and sometimes came with a side vendor.

If you look to buy one of these rare machines always check the cheat and dial mechanism is present

If you would like additional pictures or information on this machine or any of my other items - don' t hesitate to call me at 703-906-8389. I can email pictures and additional info to you right away.

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