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Item Details
Make: Mills  
Model: FOK  
Year: 1929  
Serial #: 201065  
Coin: 5 cent  

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 1929 Mills FOK 4 Column Jackpot Vender 5 cent, restored back to original condition. Polished not plated. This machine has, Mint vender, three Jackpot which were not available when the machine was manufactured in 1929. Original back door, cashbox. original fortune strips, future pay. Plays great and pays as it should.

Future Pay, meaning you will receive your award on the next play. This is the way the slot machine manufactures got around the gambeling laws, this way the machine was not a game of chance as you knew what you were going to win on the next play.


This machine has the Simplex Triple Jackpot Attachment, made by the Dean Novelty Company in 1934. Three Bars wins one jackpot, three bells wins jackpot, two bells and a bar wins jackpot. The only attachment manufactured which actually give the players three chance to win a jackpot. Displays on the front remain full at all times.  Jackpot when won are AUTOMATICALLY paid out by pay-outslide mechanism. pictured in the last pohoto.

If you would like additional pictures or information on this machine or any of my other items - don' t hesitate to call me at 703-906-8389. I can email pictures and additional info to you right away.

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